Sake Diploma International

全く自信が無かったので宣言をせずだったのですが、日本ソムリエ協会のSake Diploma Internationalを受験し見事一発合格!出来ました!

日本酒は4月にもWSET Sakeの資格が取れ、今年はすっかり日本酒の年になりました。



I would like to announce that I have passed the Sake Diploma International 2021 exam.

It was a little surprise because I wasn’t very confident in how I did on the exam, but I was confident in how much I prepared for it. So, I guess it worked!

This year was totally a “sake year” for me because I also took WSET Sake exam and could acquire the certification this April. I began to love sake more and more as I studied and from now on, I am so looking forward to encountering more sake in the future.

I will write my experiences about how I studied for this exam some times next year!


好きな事、必要な事から英会話を学んで仕事に役立てよう! ワイン&日本酒ソムリエの延3万人以上のアメリカでの接客経験をもとに、シチュエーション別英会話とワイン&日本酒の英語コミュニケーションをお届けします!


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