Practice Questions! Sake Diploma International


The questions from Chapter 2 are here now. I hope you're excited for the questions!  

Are you ready?  Here are the questions from Chapter 2.

1. What percentage of total steamed rice is used for shubo? 

2. Which process is the most important in sake making? 

3. How much is absorption rate increased when the rice is left in water for a day, and if its pre-soaking water content is lower by 1%?

4. Explain the meaning of “gaiko-nainan”. 

5. Name the 4 major enzymes found in yellow koji. 

6. What is the process after kiri-kaeshi and why is it needed? 

7. Where is seikiku taken place? 

8. Why should koji go through the Koji-no-karashi?


1.  = about 7% (Check the other ratios for rice usage.)

2.  = Koji-making/Seikiku (Make sure you know the process of seikiku.)

3.  = 3% (Check the other numbers related to water absorption rate.)

4. = Steamed rice that is not too sticky and is hard on the outside and soft on the inside.

5. = ①Alpha amylase, ②Glucoamylase, ③Acid protease, ④Acid Carboxypeptidase

   (Check the effects of each enzymes.)

6. = Mori, for two reasons,

   ① To control the temperature of koji by dividing it into small potions.

   ② To keep koji-kin from dying due to the lack of oxygen.

  (Make sure you're able to write other process and its purpose as well.)

7. = Koji-muro 

8. = Drying can kill bacteria, and both the quality of moromi and the resulting sake become better because it lowers the acidity by about 0.2, and the sake will have a fresh aroma with a lighter, less rough taste.

(No need all the explanation, but at least the first sentence and the number.)

Chapter 2 has so much volume that I couldn't choose just 8 questions from the whole chapter, so, these are from only the first half of the chapter 2. Therefore, I will put out some more questions from the latter half of Chapter 2 tomorrow.

Please remember, I recommend you to go over the textbook where you could not answer after this, especially the points I mentioned with the answers. 

Enjoy the study!  See you tomorrow!


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